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Yolanda Johnson's (President of Rechanging Lives, Inc.) calling as a Prolific Author and a Philanthropist catapulted her into the public eye. Suffering from an exerted childhood and demented relationships were evidental factors in Johnson's ability to relate to a disenfranchised community. She uses her experiences as a means to provide wisdom, compassion, and determination by which she only considers them to be her "reasonable service" toward her Heavenly Father. 


Our Story

Our mission is to "Strengthen all youth and their community through outreach, advocacy, education, mentoring, and community cohesion". 

Our Vision


Education is transformation and at Rechanging Lives, we take it personally. It is our privilege, not just our responsibility, to create unique. academic, co-curricular, and relational milestones in the lives of our students. The RCL experience creates context for knowledge gained, provides opportunities to apply what is learned, and refines a broader purpose—a vocation or calling—in each student’s life.



Marquita Brown, Secretary/Personal Assistant

Phillip Johnson,

Community Service Coordinator

Byron Wilson,

Public Relations Specialist

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